Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Weaving Wonders

We just finished another Weaving Weekend, with Laura, Lynne and Margaret. Mama Knitty was there, too, our new, senior rescue cat. With just three students, it was a wonderful relaxing time as they wove their cotton chinelle and boucle scarves and then started on the second project, on Sunday. Using Harrisville yarns and a twill basket weave pattern, they learned how to thread and weave this fun pattern treadling in 2/2 twill.
The purpose of this beginning weaving class is to become familiar with the looms and how they work, warp and weave two projects in plain weave and twill. Students are provided with all the yarns, patterns and worksheets for the projects, and then blank worksheets for their future projects. Students use the looms at the shop, and space is limited, classes usually fill to capacity quickly. Classes are offered once or twice per quarter, including summer.
It's a fun class, and I LOVE to teach it. I've done fiber ever since my childhood, and I've been weaving all my adult life. I've continued to take weaving classes myself, and enjoy the process of learning and discovery.
Oh, and more on Miss Knitty on another post -- she has a happy ending here at the shop!


Blogger Miss Maggie said...

My name is Maggie Anderson, and I am the volunteer workshop coordinator for Explorations Academy’s FolkLike Music & Arts Festival.
Each spring for the last 6 years, Explorations Academy, an experientially based middle school and high school, have been celebrating spring with Bellingham’s “FolkLike Music & Arts Festival”. During the FolkLike weekend, artists and musicians come to support teen engagement in music and the arts by donating their time to facilitate a one hour workshop. The 7th annual celebration of FolkLike is just around the corner, and this year we are introducing knitting as one of our new workshop topics. I have an enthusiastic teacher from Seattle who has generously donated her time and we are excited to help bring knitting to a young generation. We were hoping that you or members of the guild would be willing to donate extra yarn or needles to help facilitate the workshop? A gift of any size would be much appreciated, as would a guest appearance if you’re in the area. The workshop date is Saturday, May 19th. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your consideration.
I can be reached at 360-421-0172 or at maggiesue@gmail.com

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