Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So Many Shawls!

Whew! One KN this month, several of us showed up with FINISHED shawls. Of course we had a photo shoot!

Lisa Finished the Fiddlesticks pattern, "The Tina Shawl" using Blackberry Ridge lace wight wool silk yarns -- blue. Lisa started the shawl February 1st, a year ago, and finished it February 1st this year! We believe she was the first one to complete it out of about 12 or so. She is SOOOO happy!

Melissa and Debra completed theirs sometime ago, both Fiddlesticks, "Lotus Blossom" shawls. They both used the Fiddlesticks yarn with wool and silk -- beautiful!

I finished mine with much resistance and trouble (still say I'm NOT a lace knitter!) . However, after it was completed, I'll say I was "amazingly posessed" once I put my mind to it to finish it. I could not put it down, and it was the only thing I knit on until it was finished! I used Mt. Colors Weaver's Wool, in Sweet Lavendar -- it is really quite nice!

Meg created a beautiful shawl using Louet's Gems Merino Wool, and on the border added Mohair Silk -- all in a lovely green. Meg wears her shawl a lot, I think she is very proud of it! The pattern is from Blackberry Ridge -- "Wings of Fantasy".

And last, but certainly not least, Diane, who knits with mostly handspun yarns, just completed a classic garter stitch triangular shawl. I really enjoy Diane at KN, she spends most of her time "picking" wool for her next spinning project, her favorite fiber activity!


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So wonderful to see all your projects, almost like being able to come to Knit Night again. Thank you,

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