Wednesday, January 10, 2007

YOU did it! 170 CAPS!

From the day after Thanksgiving, to the day before Christmas, you answered the call for knitted caps -- 170 in all. What a great response! What great people you are! I sent the box, the day after Christmas, to arrive by this year's due date of January 2nd. Many of you have asked if we will be doing this again, and YES! We will!

Here's an excerp from the letter sent with your Caps to the Capital:

"In recognition of the 2 million babies who die each year, in the first month of life in developing countries, we made these caps - 170 - in all. We are sending them to you today to demonstrate the need for our country to do more to help newborns survive. These 170 caps join the other 50,000 caps already donated to Save the Children!

"Children Are Our Future. Children deserve to have basic needs met -- medicine, clean environment, water, food and warmth to survive. Please add this important item to you adenda when you meet with Congress in January, 2007.

"Sincerely yours,

Knitters and Crocheters of Bellingham

Debbie, Yvonne, Phyllis, Nancy, Mary, Oksana, Amy, Gina, Gabette, Beth, Linda, Donna, Cassie, Troy, Jody, Rebecca, Judith, Kaera, Cheryl Ann, Margaret, Casandra, Ruth, Elga, M.A., Anita, Janice, Jeannie, Patricia, Anne, Anneka, Naomi, Barbara, Robin, Michelle, Valerie, Rose, Denise, Kathy, Cheri, Denise 2, Yua, Carol, Susie, Rose, Donna, Cheryl, Tina Sido, Sheryl, Anonymous Angel


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