Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thanks to the Fiber Artists Before Us

When the shop was located at the Bellingham Hardware Building, it was my first venture out of the house with this fiber art retail business. From time to time, I've been known to get melencholy with the history of our fiber crafts. Shortly after moving into that space, 6 years ago, I wanted to thank the people (thus the universe) who have contributed to my knowledge base, and the connection I feel in my soul with the history and current issues of fiber crafts and arts. I wrote this out then, and still believe it now:

"NW Handspun Yarns ACKNOWLEDGES and THANKS those teachers, fiber artists, textile mill workers, shepherds, and shepherdesses, weavers, and spinners, masters and novices; all over the world that have contributed to the collective knowledge that we have and share today, and we are priviledged to be able to reap the benefits from their efforts.

"The goals for NW Handspun Yarns are to encourage individuals to learn new skills, experiment and enjoy the process of creativity in the fiber arts."

And, I thank YOU all who are such a rich part of my life now -- all because of yarn!


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