Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First Annual "Maya's Aunties" Project a Big Success

On Decebmer 17, 2006, Maya Lauren Penn died before she was born just a heartbreaking two weeks before her due date. The death of their first child was, as you might imagine, devastating for parents, Danny and Esther, Maya's grandparents, and her aunt, uncles and cousins. But as tragic as this event was, the nurses wapped Maya up in a beautiful layette donated by the volunteers of Minutes of Gold -- (http//:www.cm-inc.com/minutesofgold/AboutMinGold.htm) a group dedicated to making bereavement garments for fetal demise. Presented with their beautiful baby bundled up in this cozy layette, the parents and family were able to spend several special and dignified hours with Maya during which her photograph was taken. Now the layette itself is part of Maya's Memory Box and the family has the precious momento of Maya's picture.
Maya's family was so touched by this wonderful gift that her Bellingham Grandma, Dee Dee O'Connor, a Knit Nite regular, contacted Minutes of Gold to volunteer to knit the squares that are part of the breavement layette. Then she came to me to suggest that we begin an auunual project to have the other gals at knit nite knit or crochet squares. Dee Dee called the project, "Maya's Aunties," and the turnout was just amazing. The wonderful and enthusiastic women of Knit Nite donated 26 squares that will provide a bit of comfort to 26 other families during what can easily be described as the worst moments of their lives.
This year (2007) on Maya's burthday, we will officially kick-off our second year with a due date of February 14, 2008. However, if you would like to be a part of this very meaningful effort and would like to get an early start, you can contact us here at NW Handspun Yarns, and we will have Dee Dee contact you with all the particulars.
Dee Dee, her family and NW Handspun Yarns would like to that all those who contributed to this year's project.


Anonymous Esther Penn said...

What a beautiful project-from a beautiful group of women. It means so much that Maya will be remembered by all of those knitting or crocheting for "Maya's Aunties"-and that other families will feel that love. Thank you so much.
Maya's mom-Esther

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Monica Shaeffer said...

This is so touching that you all would put in this effort for someone you haven't even met. We are all connected someway, somehow and until it happens to someone you love, you never know how meaningful something such as a blanket can be. God bless you!

Monica Shaeffer (Maya's aunt)

2:02 PM  

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