Monday, November 19, 2007

Cat Bordhi Visits our Shop

What a fun, relaxing, and learning day we had with Cat Bordhi! Cat came to teach us from her new book, "New Pathways for Sock Knitters." In an all day workshop format, most of us were able to finish Learning Sock One or Two in the book, under her clear, gentle guidance. We saw every sock in the book for real, learned Judy's Magic Cast On (very, VERY good) for cast on from the toe up, and other uses. Cat brought along her friend, and Bellingham knitter, Leslie to help out as well, which helped create our calm and stressfree learning environment!

Being an avid sock knitter myself, I'll say I was a bit skeptical about learning a new method for making socks. Why mess with a tried and true way, a way that has been doen for hundreds of years?? By the end of the day, I had a feeling of freedom, actually, to create socks that FIT better around the foot, over the ankle, and through the instep. By the end of the day, I was ready to create an adult size Coriolis Sock! As well as incorporate many other techniques into my sock knitting basket of tricks. I WILL be going back to this book many times!

I think Cat enjoyed coming to the shop as much as we enjoyed having her visit! We look forward to her visit again next autumn when she will offer a class for us in ...... moebius baskets? Or? Stay tuned!
THANK YOU, CAT for visiting NW Handspun Yarns and sharing your love of socks and knitting with us!
P.S. Miss Knitty was out and about meeting students and customers alike. That's Miss Knitty's main job, the Greeter, and she is excellent at it when she's not sleeping on the job!


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