Monday, January 05, 2009

Moebius Baskets

Cat Bordhi was at the shop on December 6. Students had a choice of learning how to do the moebius cast on and making a harvest basket, or making a sample little sock. The books we used were "The Adventures of Sock Knitting" and "The Second Treasury of Knitting", both written by Cat.

I'll have to say it was the MOST relaxing learning knit days I've had! By the end of the day, students either had a sock finished or a basket near finished.

I went on to make 8 moebius baskets, I was so hooked. I think someone said they were addictive! I put down all my other knitting, weaving, and spinning projects and just cranked out those little baskets, during the snow storms, and holiday frenzy. And It kept me sane! You can see the unfelted and felted ones in the photos, with Dino, our 18 pounder, one of the two who is always with me supervising or assisting.


Anonymous Joy said...

I applaud your resolution! I'm glad to see you're keeping warm and having fun. Those baskets do look addictive.

9:36 PM  

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