Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Calling all knitters and crocheters: Knit or crochet a cap for newborns in poor countries, including OURS!! Four million newborns die each year in their first year of life. Many infants could be saved by simple low cost items, like sterile blades to cut umbilical cords, antibiotics for pneumonia, and knit caps (this is where YOU come in) to help keep them warm. You can download the patterns at: . Just down load the Action Kit. The patterns are there for both knit and crochet caps -- premie size. Plus more information about the organization and it's activities.

Bring or send your caps and tag to NW Handspun Yarns by Christmas Day, and we will ship them all TO THE CAPITAL, to arrive by the due date of Janurary 2nd.

It would be so wonderful to meet our goal of 100 caps to send to them! It would be so great to know that you were a part of this group project!

So, get making caps for infants! Enjoy doing them, and know that you will be helping that little one get a better start in life!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Jane Stafford, Jane Patrick and Barry Schacht!

Jane, Jane and Barry visited the shop early in November. Jane Patrick and Barry Schacht were promoting Jane's new book, "Time to Weave". Jane discussed the processes she went through to to create the projects for the book. The book is for novice crafters and experienced weavers who want to explore off loom techniques using many different processes. They showed us the new rigid heddle loom they have designed, and is now available on the market. Jane and Barry are the owner's of Schacht Spindle Company, which makes looms and spinning wheels, which we sell through the shop. We have a few autographed books left over.

Photo: Barry Schacht, Jane Stafford, Jane Patrick

Jane Stafford was also in town giving a workshop through our weaving guild, "Plain Weave". Jane is an accomplished weaver, with loads of creative experience, and a wonderful teacher. I've taken two classes from Jane, and will every chance I get. She shares her knowledge and passion of weaving with each of us in the class. She respects and makes you feel good about where you are in your weaving life. I know I leave totally energized, open to possibilities, as well as finding a focus for weaving after taking classes from Jane. If you ever get a chance to take a class from Jane, DO IT! Jane is the owner of Jane Stafford Textiles, a weaving studio.

In a previous posting I thanked those of us who work to create an environment to pass on the skills and knowledge of spinning and weaving (and other fiber arts, too). Jane S., Jane P. and Barry true examples of why our craft will continue on. THANK YOU so much for visiting the shop, and for your contributions to our creative heritage.

Let it Snow!

What a month! Record rain fall, wind that knocks power out for 1, 2, or 3 days, and now a nor' easter! Yesterday during the storm and snow fall, we took Rob back to WWU after Thanksgiving week end, and decided to close the shop for the Sunday 4 hour shift. At home we got about 15" of snow!

We were open 10 - 4:00 today, and we'll do the same tomorrow. With the wind chill at -9 at night, it just feels better being at home when it's like this! On the way home, about 12 miles north (we live just 6 miles below the Canadian border) the snow was drifting high and blowing across the roadway. Our top speed was 20 mph, vs the 60 mph we usually travel!

But it sure is pretty! And I got that corriedale fleece plied too! I LIKE winter!