Monday, August 28, 2006

Singing Weaver and Spindrifters to Visit the Shop September 9th.

Nadine Sanders is scheduled to visit the shop, on Saturday, September 9th. She'll be here all day, presenting three different programs: Warping on a Shoestring, Beyond Plaid-- Scottish Tartan Weaves, and finally she will guide us through waulking of fabric. The photos show the 4.5 yard fabric being woven by Betsey. A design I planned using Harrisville's Highland yarns for the plaid fabric. For those who may not know, "waulking" is really "fulling" woolen fabric, and this is all set to music! A really fun, full day is planned -- we'll be going from the shop to the public labrary and back again!

The local spinning group, Spindrifters will be holding their monthly Saturday meeting at the Shop as well. They'll bring their spinning wheels, spin, and join in the festivities. WOW! What a great way to start the fall time festivities! Knitting, spinning, weaving -- and it's the shop's anniversary time too!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kim Gets Married!

Kim joined KN last winter, she's an avid knitter and new spinner. She's what I call a "young Mom" -- we have several in our KN gatherings. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Kim got married last week! So, WE CELEBRATED! We celebrate every chance we get, but this is an absolutetly fantastic reason to celebrate! Kim is knitting the sock in this photo. Congratulations, Kim!

Lotus Shawl Knit Along

In mid June we started another Knit Along, this time with Fiddlesticks "Lotus Blossom". Here are pictures of Joy, who finished her shawl first, no pressure here, just the facts! She used 2 skeins of Blackberry Ridge, wool silk yarn, bought here at the shop (Thank you Joy!). There are 11 of us doing this shawl, with various yarns. Most are using the Country Silks from Fiddlesticks, and I'm using Mountain Colors -- Sweet Lavender. Yvonne has gotten us started, and for the novice lace knitter, it's a very good one to start with! I'm a novice lace knitter, and still sit at the dining room table with my charts all around, reading each row. Someday, I know I'll get pass this too!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Knit Along: Tina Shawl

Here is (back row) Janice, Melissa, Beth, (front row) Joy, Yvonne, Lisa and Dee Dee, on the Cast on night, February 1st. They've been in polite competition (I'm on row 58, what row are YOU on?!). and they've been really helpful to each other, too. This shawl is not for the light hearted (I did not tackle it!). But Janice and Joy are both to the final lace edge now. Way to go, Girls!