Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Calling all knitters and crocheters: Knit or crochet a cap for newborns in poor countries, including OURS!! Four million newborns die each year in their first year of life. Many infants could be saved by simple low cost items, like sterile blades to cut umbilical cords, antibiotics for pneumonia, and knit caps (this is where YOU come in) to help keep them warm. You can download the patterns at: . Just down load the Action Kit. The patterns are there for both knit and crochet caps -- premie size. Plus more information about the organization and it's activities.

Bring or send your caps and tag to NW Handspun Yarns by Christmas Day, and we will ship them all TO THE CAPITAL, to arrive by the due date of Janurary 2nd.

It would be so wonderful to meet our goal of 100 caps to send to them! It would be so great to know that you were a part of this group project!

So, get making caps for infants! Enjoy doing them, and know that you will be helping that little one get a better start in life!


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