Monday, November 27, 2006

Let it Snow!

What a month! Record rain fall, wind that knocks power out for 1, 2, or 3 days, and now a nor' easter! Yesterday during the storm and snow fall, we took Rob back to WWU after Thanksgiving week end, and decided to close the shop for the Sunday 4 hour shift. At home we got about 15" of snow!

We were open 10 - 4:00 today, and we'll do the same tomorrow. With the wind chill at -9 at night, it just feels better being at home when it's like this! On the way home, about 12 miles north (we live just 6 miles below the Canadian border) the snow was drifting high and blowing across the roadway. Our top speed was 20 mph, vs the 60 mph we usually travel!

But it sure is pretty! And I got that corriedale fleece plied too! I LIKE winter!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm home early because the boss took pity on me--he lived in Toronto for years and he thinks this is child's play. Glad to see you're getting a chance to spin. I wonder if Joy knew something the rest of us didn't, h'm?

Missing Knit Night,

3:29 PM  

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