Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rob Goes to College

Last Sunday we took our son, Rob to Western Washington University to move into the dorms. What an adventurous day that was! We took him out to breakfast, he was so nervous, he nibbled his meal, hardly noticed anything was gone! When we arrived at the college, we were directed to the appropriate line for his dorm -- along with all the other nervous students, and some with their entire family in the car with them, Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, friends, and on and on! The weather was sunny and warm. After waiting for an hour, and moving about 100 feet, Rob and Jim decided to hoof it up to the dorm and check in. All up hill. His dorm room is on the 5th floor, no elevator!

Rob starts out as a Junior, majoring in math and computer science. He tells me his room mate may also be a math major. Growing up Rob "played" with math a lot. Just like I knit a lot, he played math a lot. One of his favorite games now is GO, and he is quite good at it. In fact I think he is so good at it, he has a hard time loosing! I hope he can find some GO challenges at school!

Our cat, Wilson, has gone from being Rob's constant companion to mine. He kneads and purrs all night, and is at my side constantly, talking during the day. Rob says he'll be home this week end to do his laundry - we'll be happy to see him, especially Wilson, I think!

Good luck, Rob! We love you and are so proud of you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy! Congrats on Rob, he looks like a great kid. I moved into Beta Gamma 30 some years ago...and promptly got myself kicked out, banished to Buchanan Towers.....See you soon, house projects almost done

cheryl stewart

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